1. Do you have any openings? What is your schedule like?
      Yes, I currently have openings. If you are interested in filling a time slot, please fill out the Slot Preference Survey to apply for an available time. Based on your responses, I’ll try to reserve you a time that will be convenient for you (in relation to all my other students).
    2. What do you charge?


      30-min. lessons

      45-min. lessons

      60-min. lessons

      Monthly regular




      Early bird -$5 (paid on or by the 1st)




      Late +$5 (paid after the 7th)




      Trimesterly -$30 (4 months at a time)




      Tuition covers lessons, group lessons, and any additional opt-in activity scheduled for that month. See “Expenses.”
    3. Where do you teach?
      I teach at 857 E 500 N, American Fork, UT 84003. If you are arriving at your scheduled lesson time, please ring the bell before coming in.
    4. Could we have a sample/trial lesson?
      I don’t generally give sample lessons, but you are welcome to observe other students’ lessons. I can point you to some students around your child’s level. Also, if you’d like to start with just one month of lessons, that is fine with me. See “Observations.”
    5. May we observe a few lessons?
      You are welcome and even encouraged to observe some lessons, but please confirm with both me and the parents of the student you plan to observe before showing up for a lesson. See “Observations.”
    6. What should we bring to the first lesson?
      The first week, bring all the cello materials you have: cello and bow in case, rosin, music, notebook, chair, rock stop, etc. Also, bring a any questions you have about the studio policy, so we can clear things up right from the start! See “Items to Purchase.”
    7. What is your studio policy?
      That’s a big question. I hope you (and your child if he/she will be mainly responsible for his/her own practicing at home) will take the time to look over my studio info and policy which has important guidelines to help the cello lesson process run smoothly. I like to review these at the first lesson, but feel free to text or email me questions.
    8. What ages do you teach?
      Most of my students are 9-12 years old, but I have a few teenagers as well as a 4- and 70+-year-old. I am trained to teach younger students. However every student is unique, and I learn as much from them as I ever hope they can learn from me. Also, I understand the importance of matching teachers and kids at different stages of development. I’m not always the perfect match for every student.
    9. Is there anything you need to know about us?
      I ask that students fill out a New Student Questionnaire which helps me better prepare to teach them and address individual needs.
    10. Are other children allowed to attend the lessons with me?
      Siblings are welcome to come along, as long as they don’t distract from the lesson. I teach in the living room, where there are couches, some books, and some games/toys. See “In-lesson Expectations: Household Courtesies.”
    11. What should we call you?
      Either Miss Catherine or Mrs. Schulzke (SHOLTS-ka) is fine. (I confess I’m quite tickled whenever a student says, “Thank you for my lesson, Mrs. Schulzke!”)
    12. Can we just take two lessons a month?
      I don’t do twice/month lessons because consistency in lessons is so important. If skipping a lesson means only getting one in a whole month, I get really worried.