Latin as a non-living language is highly organized and logical. So studying Latin, like studying math, cultivates mental alertness and keen attention to detail, develops critical thinking, and enhances problem solving abilities.

However, this class will also attempt to expose children to Latin vocabulary in a natural way that will lead to other language-learning benefits, like improved creativity, memory, flexible thinking, and reading comprehension. It will also help them absorb the language more deeply than traditional Latin classes.

During at least a portion of each class time, students will be exposed to immersive spoken Latin and encouraged to use the Latin they have already learned as much as possible. Latin story times will (hopefully) be a highlight of each class. Effort will be made to use inflection and gestures rather than English translation to convey the meaning of words and phrases.

There will also be time dedicated each class to learning basic grammar, which will prepare children for further Latin while also helping them understand English more deeply.

Bring paper for note-taking. While there will not be grades for this class, we will have quizzes and small assignments to do at home.

For those participating virtually, you will be auditing the class. I will give you chances to participate during classtime, but you will not receive live feedback unless you attend in person. Feel free to message me with questions after class.