In-lesson Expectations

For optimal results, make music lessons a high priority. Careful consistency is the most important ingredient in the recipe of progress.

Before the Lesson

Each student should arrive a few minutes early to take care of all preparation needs so we can start the lesson on time. Before touching any cello, students should always wash their hands! If they need to use the restroom, clip nails, or get a drink, that would best be done before the lesson starts. Once students are ready, they may unpack their cellos, extend end-pins, and tighten and rosin bows. All the music we expect to use should be on (or near) the stand before it is needed.

During the Lesson

Parents of young students should attend all of the lessons, usually taking notes. Parents of older students, please be willing to experiment with me to find the optimal arrangement to support your children — whether as the primary notetaker in lessons, or just physically present, or even waiting in the car (or running errands).

When you come to lessons, silence your cell phones. If you must take a call, please step outside before you talk. However, do not feel obliged to turn cell phones completely off. With the advent of cell cameras, mobile devices have become an amazing note-taking shortcut! If you would like to take a video of something I am teaching your child, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Click here for a sample practice chart on which you might take lesson notes, but a blank sheet of paper will do as well for most students. I have limitless scratch paper. Just ask.

Anything else you need to know about protocol should be covered in early lessons. Regardless, both student and parent should always feel free to ask questions!

After the Lesson

Try to write checks and ask questions at the first of your lesson, respecting the lesson time of subsequent students.

Feel free to help yourself our treat bowl, but limit yourself to after the lesson (to avoid sticky fingers).

Please return any books, games, or toys to their proper places before leaving.

Household Courtesies

Please refrain from bringing food or drinks into the studio, with the exception of water. No gum is allowed during lessons. I will ask you to spit it out.

While siblings are welcome to attend most lessons, I prefer that especially noisy or disruptive toddlers/children be left at home or kept in the car during group lessons. Nursing babies are always welcome. Please do not change diapers on the carpet/couch or leave diapers in our indoor waste bins.

While in our home, students and their siblings should stay with their parent at all times—no wandering through the house. Young children should not go to the restroom unattended. Also, when they’re not taking a lesson, we recommend having something for children to do (e.g. book, puzzle, toys, coloring book, homework). We have some books and games that your children are welcome to use, but please return anything borrowed back to its proper place before you leave.