Please don’t buy an instrument off the internet, sight unseen (sound unheard). The “cheap” building of this type of stringed instrument precludes decent tone or ease of tuning, and creates many other problems. Almost always, these “good deals” turn out to be, well… rather expensive firewood. There are several fine instrument dealers in the area who compete with each other for the best prices, so we are fortunate to be able to rent or purchase fine-working and -sounding instruments at the lowest possible price.

Alan Heath with Micelli's is an out-of-home dealer in Highland. He does buy, rent, or rent-to-own programs. Call 801-492-7772 or text 801-592-3068. By appointment only.

Charles Liu in Murray currently does not rent cellos, if the website is accurate, but for a cheaper buying option, try calling him. 1-800-260-5818

Summerhay's Music has straightforward renting and rent-to-own programs along with regular purchase options.

Be sure to label cases, music, and other equipment with your name and phone number. Before leaving lessons, double check you have gathered all of your belongings. (I try to keep track, but I don’t have an official lost-and-found box.)

NOTE: How do you know if your child is ready for a bigger size of instrument? I, his teacher, will tell you he is! Please have the instrument sized by me before you buy or rent. There is little I like less as a teacher than feeling forced to work around a child’s ill-sized instrument because his mother (or worse the child himself) decided he was “ready” for the next size bigger.