Make-ups and Holidays


Please try to make music lessons a high priority, since regular, consistent lessons guarantee the best progress.

For the first two weeks of each trimester, you will be able to reschedule as many lessons as you would like. After that, if you know you will be unable to make it to a particular lesson, we can reschedule up to one per month. Make-ups must be scheduled before the day of the cancelled lesson. Otherwise, there are neither make-ups nor refunds.

Whether or not you schedule a make-up, let me know if you plan to miss a lesson. If it is a true emergency (childbirth, broken bone, snow-in), call as soon as possible to schedule a make-up time. If I must miss a lesson, I will make it up to you at as convenient a time as possible for both of us!

Alternatively, you are welcome to contact other families in the studio and trade lesson times with them without it counting toward your one monthly make-up. See the Studio Directory to find contact information for other student families. If you do not want me to release your contact information to other lesson families (to arrange lesson swaps), please tell me immediately. See also Privacy Policy.


Besides the odd makeup, there are generally no lessons given during the weeks of Christmas–New Years, on Monday school holidays (MLK, Presidents, Memorial, Labor, and Veterans Day), or during the summer music camps I attend. If there are five lessons in a month, the fifth lesson is included in the regular lesson fee.

Summer “Vacation”

With summer camps, vacations, institutes, conferences, etc., summer schedules vary. Since regular lessons are hard to guarantee, I open my schedule very wide to ensure that everyone can have as many lessons as can possible, via make-ups and trades. Some months may get six lessons and others may manage only one or two, but the price stays the same.